Meet Our Team

Meet Our PastorLowellPaul Laudert
Meet Our Pastor
LowellPaul Laudert

Boozhoo, Nindizhinikaaz Maiingaans, Nindonjibaa Bahweting Gaa-waabaabiganikaag, I am Reverend LowellPaul Laudert; from White Earth Nation and the Pastor at White Earth AG and Rice Lake Area Fellowship AG.

Part of God’s calling on my life is to share Jesus with Natives and to let tribal peoples know it is okay to be Native and love Jesus. We do NOT have to give up our culture or language to follow Christ.

It is our aim to ensure native people have a place to worship God in a good way inside our culture FIRMLY planted on scripture. We also aim to ensure ALL people can come as they are and feel welcomed and at home.

Meet Our Team

Pat Moran

Worship Leader | White Earth

Jamie Parisian - Brown

Kids Leader | White Earth

Jana Keezer

Kids Leader | Rice Lake